Workplace English Course


Our Workplace English course is designed to enhance your business language skills and practical workplace abilities. Here’s what you can expect:

Suitable for university students who are about to enter the workforce, working professionals, department leaders, future business leaders, and students looking to enhance their business advantage.

Course Details & Learning Outcomes

This course equips learners with essential language skills for effective communication in professional environments. Through interactive lessons, students enhance vocabulary, improve listening and speaking abilities, master email etiquette, learn negotiation strategies, and develop networking skills. Real-life scenarios and practical exercises ensure practical application, preparing students to confidently navigate meetings, presentations, emails, negotiations, and networking opportunities in English-speaking workplaces.


1.5 ~ 3 hours per week
20 ~ 24 weeks per level

Learning Outcomes

With 48 themed listening and speaking courses, strengthen your 7C skills in the workplace!

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Consistent
  • Correct
  • Coherent
  • Complete
  • Courteous
Enhance your business proficiency in activities such as meetings, presentations, interviews, negotiations, and workplace cultural exchanges.

Why Choose Our Course?

Interactive Teaching Method

Engage in dynamic and interactive lessons that keep you actively involved and make learning enjoyable.

Flexible Learning

Our courses are designed to fit into your busy schedule, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

100% Online

Enjoy the convenience of learning from anywhere at any time with our fully online courses.

AIM2.0 Method

Experience our innovative AIM2.0 method, which uses role-playing and interactive activities to help you confidently grasp English without rote memorization.

Adults-Only Environment

Benefit from a mature and focused learning environment tailored specifically for adult learners.

Experienced Teachers

Learn from highly qualified and experienced teachers who bring their expertise and real-world knowledge to every lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will learn vocabulary, grammar, and practical communication skills tailored to professional settings, including business meetings, presentations, email writing, and networking.

This course is intended for adults who want to improve their English communication skills in a professional context, whether you are entering the workforce, seeking a promotion, or wanting to excel in a global business environment.

Classes are conducted 100% online through live, interactive sessions with experienced instructors. This includes group discussions, role-playing scenarios, and personalized feedback.

Absolutely! This course is beneficial for anyone who anticipates working in an English-speaking business environment in the future, or wishes to improve their professional communication skills for career development.

Our course focuses on interactive learning with real-life applications, facilitated by instructors with extensive professional backgrounds. The AIM2.0 method we use emphasizes practical application over rote memorization, enhancing learning through role-play and activities.

We offer a variety of scheduling options to accommodate the busy lives of adult learners. You can choose from evening and weekend classes or opt for more flexible, self-paced learning modules.

We keep our class sizes small to ensure personalized attention and an optimal learning environment. Typically, our classes have between 8 to 12 students.

The course duration varies depending on your starting level and learning pace. On average, courses can be completed in 20 to 24 weeks with regular participation.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate that acknowledges your proficiency in Workplace English, which can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.

We provide comprehensive support including additional tutoring, practice sessions, and access to a wealth of online resources to help you master the course material.

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    Imagine you are learning to drive today:

    Scenario A: You are given a manual, and you read it yourself, trying to drive while referring to the manual.

    Scenario B: A coach sits next to you, guiding you step by step on how to drive. Which one would help you achieve better results more effectively?

    I believe you understand that Scenario B is the best choice.

    Self-study or watching a video course is like reading a manual, while our AIM METHOD is like having a coach by your side to assist you.

    This consultation is like seeing a doctor. It allows the doctor to understand your problems and situation in depth before prescribing a targeted treatment plan to help solve your issues! (Not just treating the symptoms without addressing the underlying causes.)

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