In the workplace, I often have to face many English-speaking clients. Many times it is difficult for me to understand what is being said in meetings. The English content discussed or requests made. After coming to SMARTWAY, I can now talk to customers fluently in English and my confidence has improved.

Career:Insurance industry

As a Chinese school student, I feel pressure every time I meet English-speaking customers. I need help from my colleagues every time I send an email. Many opportunities were lost. The teaching methods of the teachers here are very good and the time is very flexible. Now I can already speak English fluently in the workplace.

Student: Ooi Oon Beng
Career: Pesticide industry

I used to buy courses online and learn by myself, but I felt the results were very slow. Usually attend large company parties but the organizers’ speeches were mostly in English, but I couldn’t understand them. But after joining Smartway, the biggest progress is that I finally dare to speak English and express myself more


Work requires you to speak English in front of everyone every day. It is very stressful to be afraid to communicate because your English is not good. The teachers at Smartway taught us very carefully and corrected us immediately if we made any mistakes.


Due to work requirements, I have to communicate with different departments in English every day. Many times, due to language barriers and poor performance affects my career progression. Teachers at Smartway have always encouraged students to speak bravely, and therefore improved my ability to express myself in English.

Career:Automobile industry

My poor English has become a stumbling block for promotion to MANAGEMENT LEVEL, so I spend a lot of time studying on my own. I can’t see any results. I’ve been here for 3 months and I feel more confident when speaking English.


I learned English from scratch. I spent a lot of money and tried many methods, but my progress was still very slow. After using Smartway for 2-3 months, I feel confident communicating with my colleagues in English.

Student: Samantha
Career: Account Admin

I often need to contact with lawyers & bankers, but I dare not to talk to them due to my poor English. This kind of inferiority complex and fear in English have been accumulated for a long time. After I joined Smartway, I have mustered up the courage to overcome my fear of speaking.

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