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Have you ever thought of establishing your own business but

don't know the right way to do it?

No Guidance?

No Experience?

No Information?

No Team Member?

Few questions to ask you before you go through the content below:

Are you passionate in Education field?

Do you think you are a "life changing" educator?

Which method do you think is much profitable for running an Education Business?

We Are Looking For ENTREPRENEURS For 

Innovative English Education Business

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What is SmartWay English Academy?

Founded in 2013, SmartWay English Academy provides an enriched learning environment which focused on conversational English that has helped more than 4851 students get ahead in these 6 years with proven & scientific teaching methodology. We’re extremely proud of our students and academic personnel, who are always eager to learn, create and grow together.

Join the innovative English Education Business now!

Why SmartWay English Academy?


We are HRDF Certified Centre


Comprehensive Teacher's Training and

Operation Training


On-going Advertising & Marketing Support


Strong Sales-Team Support


Constant Research  & Development


Innovative & Structural Syllabus and 

Teaching Method


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